Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings 2021 [MAX FPS]

In this topic, we are going to be showing you the best Nvidia control panel settings for 2021, luckily you stumbled upon the ultimate optimization guide for the Nvidia control panel.
We are offering you a very quick and easy to follow guide on how to fully optimize the Nvidia control panel which should result in a significant boost in terms of smoothness while playing games and overall performance. You will notice an increase of FPS on pretty much every single game you’re playing.


Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings 2021

What changes you’ll see after changing to the Best Nvidia graphics card settings for 2019?

  • Increase FPS
  • Fix Stuttering
  • Improve Power
  • Fully Optimize

Within this guide, we can make sure that you are running the correct video settings so you’re getting the best power delivery inside of GPU, that you’re running at the best resolution for your PC, the best refresh rate, the best color settings and overall just getting the most out of the Nvidia GPU which you’re using. All these by tweaking to the best Nvidia control panel settings for 2021.

We won't be covering anything that could harm your GPU or your warranty, we will simply be going to optimize the settings and what you're allowed to do so.

In this video we will be showing you the best Nvidia control panel settings, in case you want to skip the guide and go straight into the settings without further info about the tweaks.

The Nvidia Control Panel

To optimize the settings we need the Cpanel of Nvidia which can be accessed by right-clicking on a blank space at the desktop. You should be able to access the Nvidia control panel.

nvidia control panel

If you can’t see the option and it’s not accessible from right-clicking on the desktop. You can also check by clicking at the icon bar on the bottom of the right side in the icon tray and look for the Nvidia logo.

nvidia control panel tray icon

If you can’t find the Nvidia control panel in either of those places and you are using an Nvidia GPU then you’re gonna need to go and install or update your Nvidia drivers.  It will automatically detect and install the latest drivers for your GPU. Once the updates are done then restart your pc and come back to this guide. You should be able to access the Nvidia control panel.

Now that you’re all set, open the control panel. Let’s go ahead and start the optimization for the best Nvidia control panel settings.

3D Settings

From the left side of the control panel go to Adjust image settings with preview.

Adjust Image Settings

Navigate to the 3 options and follow these steps:

  1. Select “Use my preference emphasizing”
  2. Drag the slider all the way over to Performance
  3. Press Apply
  4. Select “Use the advanced 3D image settings”
  5. Press Apply
nvidia control panel

Once you’re done with the steps you can go ahead and choose from the left menu the option “Manage 3D settings”.

Manage 3D Settings

Go over to the Global Settings tab and change all the options as written below:

Ambient OcclussionOff
Anisotropic FilteringOff
Antialiasing – FXAAOff
Antialiasing – Gamma correctionOn
Antialiasing – ModeOff
DSR – FactorsOff
Maximum pre-rendered frames1
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA)Off
OpenGL rendering GPUAuto-select
Power management modePrefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate (XF250Q)Highest available
Shared CacheOn
Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimisationOn
Texture filtering – Negative LOD biasAllow
Texture filtering – QualityHigh performance
Texture filtering – Trilinear optimisationOn
Threaded optimisationOn
Triple bufferingOff
Vertical syncOff
Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames1


Navigate to the Display tab from the left menu of the panel and select the option Change resolution.

Change Resolution

Make sure you have your monitor selected.

Below, you will find two boxes, change these selections:

  1. Set the Resolution to the highest possible. 
  2. Set the Refresh rate to the highest possible. 
  3. Press Apply and Yes

Most of the people who buy 240Hz monitors won't change the settings of their GPU resolution. You will see significant results after optimizing the resolution and refresh rate in the control panel.

Adjust Desktop Color Settings

Navigate back to the left-hand side and select Adjust desktop color settings from the menu. Head over to this option 2. Choose how color is set.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Use NVIDIA settings tab
  2. Press Apply
  3. Set Digital vibrance to 80% (Personal Preference – Optional)

*Digital vibrance helps in some games to see more clearly.

nvidia control panel adjust color settings

We are going to skip all of the rest options and go down to Video tab from the left-hand side and select the option to Adjust video color settings.

  1. Select the With the NVIDIA settings option
  2. Select Advanced tab
  3. Select Full (0-255)
  4. Press Apply

That was it! You’re all set. Go ahead and close the control panel.

nvidia adjust video settings


All the settings are completely applied and you should be seeing some amazing results in terms of overall smoothness and framerates while playing games! *Note that if you’re frequently updating your GPU drivers make sure to go back and check the Cpanel and make sure that remained the same. Sometimes when Nvidia updates some of the settings are going back to default values, so we do recommend every time you update your GPU or when you’ve noticed that your GPU drivers have updated, head over to the Nvidia control panel and make sure these settings remain the as before.

There you have it! This was the Best Nvidia control panel settings for 2021 for some fast, simple and effective performance gains within every Nvidia GPU’s.

If you’re happy with the results or you have suggestions make sure to drop us a review and comment right bellow.

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