What’s The Best CPU Coolers For I7 9700K In 2021

In high performances, the 9th generation i7 Intel processor can generate high heat levels. To avoid any damage to your equipment or to optimize the performance of the processor you must keep the CPU cool. That’s why we picked the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

Finding the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k depends on your budget and if you’re planning to overclock your CPU.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of options for every budget and performance. Our picks are based on performance as well as design and look. So here’s the top 3 coolers for i7 9700k.

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Top 3 CPU Coolers For i7 9700k in 2021

Cooler Master V8 GTS​


Noise Generation​

16 – 36 dBA


Intel & AMD​

Corsair Hydro Series H100I​


Noise Generation​

37 dBA​


Intel & AMD​

Noctua NH-D15​


Noise Generation​

36 dBA​


Intel & AMD​

The Best CPU Cooler For i7 9700k

Cooler Master V8 GTS

V8 GTS is one of the most powerful Air CPU Coolers. It dissipates heat towards the upper limits of an air cooling design. V8 GTS is built with triple tower heatsinks and a thermally efficient vapor chamber base. As community says, this might be the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

HVC Technology for horizontal Vapor Chamber Technology that minimizes CPU hotspots and spreads heat evenly to all heat pipes. It comes with a Triple Tower Heatsink with 8 High-Performance Heatpipes, optimized for maximum cooling performance.

It has a Dual High airflow PWM fans with red LEDs. Certainly for some people LEDs is not the most important point for the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, but for the people who are willing to pay the extra buck for their great looking PC build, having the design of it as important as its performance.

The fan speed and the resulting performance and noise can be finely tuned and customized. Additional POM Bearing and with extra Dustproof and longer-lasting features. (up to 160,000 hours)
Universal Mounting System compatible with all available Intel and AMD platforms. It’s up to you to decide what’s the best for performance or look, but we’re here to help you choose the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.


Corsair Hydro Series H100I

Extreme performance CPU cooling with built-in corsair link. If you have a PC case that supports a top-mounted 240mm radiator then you can take your CPU cooling to a new level. H100i starts with the advanced design of the Hydro Series H80i and adds a double-wide radiator for even better performance. 

This top-notch design that will make your build look sick might be the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, especially for those who are willing to add the extra buck for the look of their PC.

You can monitor the temperature, control lighting, and the fan speed, all on your screen. No additional hardware is necessary. Hydro Series H100i comes pre-filled and never needs refilling or priming, it’s entirely self-contained. The 240mm top-mounted radiator provides maximum surface area for maximum cooling power. The 120mm fans use wide, low-pitch blades for better static pressure to noise ratio, offering improved efficiency at lower noise levels. 

Tubing with large-diameter and low permeability for minimal coolant evaporation that helps ensure a long life, and it’s a resilient material that offers both high flexibility and excellent leak protection. It comes with a Tool-free multiplatform magnetic mounting bracket kit for a modular design that makes installation simpler, and it’s compatible with Intel and AMD processors. Personally is our favorite and the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.


Noctua NH-D15

NH-D15 built on the basis of the legendary NH-D14 and carrying on its quest for ultimate quiet cooling performance, Noctua’s flagship model NH-D15 is an elite-class dual tower cooler for the highest demands. 

Its expanded heatpipe layout and two premium grade NF-A15 140mm fans with PWM support for automatic speed control allow it to further improve the NH-D14’s award-winning efficiency. In Youtube there are plenty of videos that recommend Noctua NH-D15 as the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

Topped off with the trusted, pro-grade SecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system, Noctua’s proven NT-H1 thermal compound, and full 6 years manufacturer’s warranty, the NH-D15 forms a complete premium-quality solution that represents a deluxe choice for overclockers and silent-enthusiasts alike. 

As compared to conventional single tower heatilnks, the NH-D15’s fine-tuned six heatpipe dual tower design provides more surface area, better heat-distribution and superior airflow efficiency in dual fan mode. What do you think? Are these features important aspects of the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k? Let us know in the comment section.

Thanks to its recessed lower fins, the NH-D15 provides 64mm clearance for tall memory heatsinks in single fan mode, making it compatible with most high-end RAM modules on the market. In dual fan mode, the NH-D15 should be used with standard height RAM (up to 32mm).

It provides massive airflow over surrounding motherboard components and heatsinks, thus ensuring excellent component cooling performance. The entire NH-D15 package comes with a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s the end of our list of the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.



The best CPU cooler for i7 9700k is one of these three. If you like design and also performance you can go with our first pick Cooler Master V8 GTS. Easy installation, accessibility, and performance are the key features of our second pick Corsair Hydro Series H100I. Last but not least, if you are all into trust, efficiency, performance and noise reduction then our third pick is the option for you, Noctua NH-D15 would be the perfect CPU cooler for you. We hope our guide helped you to choose the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

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